Clinical Case Studies 3 - Left Leg Blister and Venous Insufficiency Ulcer


Clinical Case Study 5 - Left Leg Blister

Left Photo: Left Leg Blister 07-22-2009 Right Photo: Left Leg Blister 08-11-2009
leg blisterleg blister healed

The Patient is 67 yr old BF with comminuted fracture to Left Tibia. No surgery was performed and patient was put in a knee immobilizer. Leg became very swollen and painful. Large blister and hematoma appeared after several days due to venous thrombus and edema. Patient developed a DVT . Patient has a history of DJD, DVT, ETOH abuse and smoking. Wound-Be-Gone® was started on 7-28-2009 and applied daily. A non-stick dressing was applied and she continued to wear the knee immobilizer. Patient was healed on 8-11-2009.

1 x 30g tubes Wound-Be-Gone® used

Clinical Case Study 6 - Venous Insufficiency Ulcer

Left Top Photo: Venous Ulcer 09-15-2008 Right Top Photo: Venous Ulcer 11-17-2008 Bottom Photo: Venous Ulcer 12-22-2008
venous ulcerinsufficiency ulcerVenous Insufficiency Ulcer

A 73 year old patient presented to wound care consultation in early 2008. The patient was diagnosed with venous insufficiency and after a vascular intervention, was started on compression therapy and topical silver dressing. The wound showed slow progress after 6 months of standard care (9-15-2008). Wound-Be-Gone® was initiated with continued compression therapy (11-17-2008 ). Patient completely healed (12-22-2008).

2 x 5g tubes Wound-Be-Gone® used

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