Wound-Be-Gone® FAQ. Questions and Answers. Wound Healing Treatment


How does Wound-Be-Gone® work?

Wound-Be-Gone® offers a unique combination of the most advanced treatment for "moist healing" and our patented active ingredient, which binds free oxygen radicals produced during inflammation. Clinical tests have shown that a moist environment accelerates the healing process, and supports cell separation and cell movement regeneration within the wound. At the same time, Wound-Be-Gone® regulates ph and temperature, accelerating the healing process.

Is there an age restriction for using Wound-Be-Gone®? Can children use Wound-Be-Gone® as well?

Wound-Be-Gone® is safe for use on everyone in your family. There is no age restriction. However, we always recommend contacting your physician before treating children less than 2 years of age.

What side effects have been reported with Wound-Be-Gone®?

Extensive clinical use in wound care centers across the country has found that Wound-Be-Gone® does not produce significant adverse effects. Minor stinging during initial application has been reported, but has subsided. No allergic reactions have been reported.

Where can I buy Wound-Be-Gone®?

Do I need to cover my wound?

All wounds should be covered with some type of dressing to protect from germs that could cause infection. We recommend using non-stick, non-absorbent bandage to cover the wound.

Who can use Wound-Be-Gone®?

Wound-Be-Gone® is safe for use on everyone in your family and is safe for use on all types of wounds. Medical attention is recommended for the evaluation and treatment of any condition other than minor injuries (Cuts, Scratches, Scrapes, Insect Bites, Blisters).

How do I use Wound-Be-Gone®?

Cleanse the affected area with mild soap and water (please use normal saline cleansing for full thickness wounds or ulcers).
Apply a thin layer of Wound-Be-Gone® to the entire affected area.
The wound may be covered with a non-adhesive dressing.
Reapply a thin layer of Wound-Be-Gone® as necessary every 12-24 hours.

Wound-Be-Gone® is unique combination of "moist healing" and patented "Free Oxygen Radical Binding" technology. So what does that really mean?

Scientists used the process of polymerization to build a special type of amines into a polymer carrier. A specific type of amines (with hidden active amino groups) were used so that they could survive polymerization in their original form (polymerization usually alters their original structures). Active amino groups attached to the polymer carrier react with free oxygen radicals. This patented free oxygen radical binding technology is called redox (oxidation-reduction process).

Can I use Wound-Be-Gone® if my tube is expired?

No. If expired, please discard the tube and obtain a new one.

How do I store Wound-Be-Gone®?

Wound-Be-Gone® should be kept out of reach of children. Due to its hydrating agent, Wound-Be-Gone® should not be exposed to temperatures below freezing. The best storage temperature is from 59ºF to 77ºF. Ice crystals could damage the gel's polymer structure and eliminate its effectiveness.

Does Wound-Be-Gone® contain an antibiotic?

No. Wound-Be-Gone® technology is very unique. There are no antibiotics or biological materials present in the product.

Do I still need to clean my wound?

Yes. Cleaning the wound is a very important part of healing process. Always remove dead or dying tissue before applying the gel. In a chronic wound, accumulation can slow the healing process and provide a place for bacteria and germs to grow.

Are there additional benefits associated with Wound-Be-Gone®?

In addition to the wound healing properties of Wound-Be-Gone® , there are several other benefits that have been observed clinically. An important secondary benefit of Wound-Be-Gone® is healing with minimized scar formation. Scar formation is common in tissues with high levels of inflammation. By binding and neutralizing oxygen free radicals, Wound-Be-Gone® decreases inflammatory pathways that can lead to tissue scarring. Additional benefits observed in clinical trials include reduction of the pain and redness commonly associated with inflammation.

What is the role of oxygen free radicals in healing process?

Oxygen Free Radicals are generated when the body is injured. Oxygen Free Radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are unstable molecules with at least one unpaired electron. These molecules are highly reactive, attacking the closest stable molecules and stealing their electrons, thereby creating new unstable molecules (ROS). If unchecked, this chain reaction can lead to destruction of the living cells and significantly slow down or stop the healing process. Compromised wound healing can result in other complications and problems, such as infection, pain and potentially amputation.

Can I put the makeup over Wound-Be-Gone®?

It is advised not to cover Wound-Be-Gone® with makeup.

Should I clean the wound with antiseptic between applications?

No. Do not use antiseptic solution to clean the wound between applications. The wound can be gently cleaned with water before a new application.

How often should Wound-Be-Gone® applied?

Wound-Be-Gone® should be reapplied as needed every 24-48 hours. Application of Wound-Be-Gone® once a day is recommended.

Can Wound-Be-Gone® be used on draining wounds?

Yes. Wound-Be-Gone® contains a special polymer which is capable of absorbing a certain amount of exudates coming out of the wound. In case of extensive draining, a health care professional should be consulted and proper treatment should be applied.

Can Wound-Be-Gone® be used on mucous membranes?

Yes, Wound-Be-Gone® can be used on all type of mucous membranes.

Is Wound-Be-Gone® effective for treatment of the cold sores?

Cold sores are caused by a viral infection. Wound-Be-Gone® doesn't treat the cause of the problem, which is a viral infection, but the condition caused by this infection, which is an open sore. Wound-Be-Gone® prevents formation of the crust (associated with painful cracks), keeps cold sore flexible, accelerates healing of the wound and prevents scar formation.

What type of wounds is Wound-Be-Gone® recommended for?

Wound-Be-Gone® is recommended for almost all type of wounds resulting in damage of the skin. This can range from small acute wounds to large and complicated chronic wounds.

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