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About acute surgical wound healing

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 

There are different types of wounds. Some of them are acute wounds while others are chronic wounds. Acute wounds have further classifications. Among those classifications, surgical wounds are a type. As the name suggests, surgical wounds are those wounds that are deliberately made by the surgeons during a surgical activity. It includes cutting and other incisions. When the operation ends, the surgeon closes the surgical wounds. Closure includes secondary or primary closures. The surgeon decides which closure is to be chosen. The surgical wound is either closed with stitches, clips or skin glue.

Acute surgical wound healing is a complex and intricate process. It involves different steps or stages. These stages are known as inflammatory phase, Proliferation and maturation phase. These are the stages which almost every wound follows while undergoing the healing process. Acute surgical wound healing process is never different. Inflammatory phase is short in case of acute surgical wounds and increased blood supply is provided towards the surgical wound area. Different mediators along with white blood cells help in protecting the wound from different infections. Second phase of acute surgical wound healing process is proliferative stage. In this stage, a completely new network of blood vessels is generated and supplied to the wounded area. This new network brings nutrients to the wounded cells and tissues. It also helps in discarding the dead tissue. Last stage is maturation. This is the stage where the connective tissue joins the skin back and leaves behind a scar.

Acute surgical wound healing also requires a dressing. Though it is not necessary for a wound to get dressed, it is always advisable for various reasons. The dressing is recommended if there is a chance for any leakage from the wound or if it smells.
Wound-Be-GoneĀ® is a gel which can be applied on the wound. It provides a favorable environment for the wound to heal faster. The same gel reduces pain and minimizes the chances of scarring. A proper dressing helps in protecting the surgical wound from invasion of different types of bacteria and infections.

There are different factors that can cause problem to surgical wound healing. Most of them are not affected and heal without any complexity. However, it is important to know about the reasons which disturb a normal surgical wound healing mechanism. Some of the reasons are smoking, diabetic conditions and poor defense system of the body which can be due to either chemotherapy or leukemia etc. Infection can protrude if bacteria find a way to reach to your wound. An infection has different symptoms. These symptoms include fever, pain, reddening, swelling, leakage, pus, or a bad smell. If either of these symptoms is found in the patient with acute surgical wound, he should immediately consult a doctor.
Wound-Be-GoneĀ® helps protect the wound from being infected and makes it heal quicker.

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