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Learn about acute wound care

Monday, January 17th, 2011 

After a wound is treated, proper care should be given to the wounds. Acute wounds are those which are not serious and heal within an estimated time. An acute wound which deviates from the normal healing process and is stuck at the inflammatory phase is known as a chronic wound. A chronic wound either takes an extended time or never gets healed at all. To prevent an acute wound from being transformed to a chronic wound, care should be taken.

It is important to keep the dressing clean. The dressing should be changed if it gets dirty with either dust or blood. The dressing should be dry. If it is wet due to anything, it should be changed. The original dressing can be kept for a week or as advised by the concerned doctor. After that, dressing should be changed. There are certain tips and precautions that should be considered before changing the dressing. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap under running water. Let the hands dry. Carefully remove the dressing. Keep your fingers away from the wounded area. Sometimes, dressing is not needed any more, but some people prefer a new dressing. This is to avoid the wounded area from being touched by the clothes. Antiseptic gels or creams are not advised to be used over the wounds. Instead, Wound-Be-GoneĀ®