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Preventing Acute wound infections

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 

A wound is an injury that is caused by some accident involving any sharp or blunt object such as knife, scissors, wood edges, etc. The skin is torn apart and a part of healthy tissue is damaged. The body undergoes a natural biological phenomenon to replace the damaged tissue with new tissue. This is known as the wound healing process. As the wound exposes the underlying body tissues to external factors such as dust, dirt, bacteria, fungi and other malicious entities, the wound is more likely to become infected. Not all types of wounds are prone to infections. Acute surgical wounds are a type of wounds which has most of the cases of acute wound infections in hospitals.

There are some symptoms of acute wound infections which help in identifying the presence of an infection in a wound. Some of these symptoms include a continuous discharge from the wound, severe pain, swelling, redness, or feeling of heat at the wound site. One of these must be present if the infection has already occurred in the wound. There are some other signs which do not require a must-presence in infected wounds. These are prolonged healing process, the de-colorization of the tissue, bad smell from the wound, or lymphangitis.

Acute wound infection is caused by several different factors. It is mainly because of the invasion of many small microorganisms to the wounded area. What causes the microorganisms to accumulate in that area? One reason can be the transfer of micro organisms from a surgeon’s hands or through a surgical instrument which has not been sterilized properly. Another reason is exposure of the wound to an environment that contains many microorganisms. If a person is careless about his hygiene, microorganisms from other parts of his body can travel to the wounded area and can cause infection. There are certain other factors that can cause infection in wounds. These are age, obesity, malnutrition, smoking, anemia, poor surgical techniques, long operational times and hypothermia.
Wound-Be-Gone® protects the wound from the invasion of these micro organisms and prevents it from forming different infections.

As soon as signs of an infection are observed, medical help should be sought. Proper management and treatment of wound infections is required. It is better to prevent an infection than treating it afterwards. Before going for a surgery, make sure that the operation theatre is properly ventilated and the tools for surgery are properly sterilized. Afterwards always opt for the best surgical technique. Make use of antibiotics and prophylaxis. Infections of the wound cause anxiety, complicated illness, discomfort and may lead to death at times.
Wound-Be-Gone® is a gel that helps in the wound healing process in several ways. It is applied topically and boosts up the healing process while minimizing the infection risks.